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mandarin cakes, my favorite.
today i went there for afternoon tea,
and found that their display was changed,
but the name tag of lemon tart could be put up-side-down?
as i've already tried all their chocolate cakes series,
and their cream horn and this month's special were sold out today,
i ordered the only-one-left chocolate mousse cup ( $37 ).
sugar powdered on top of scratched-sliced chocolate which was a bit too rich in sweetness and taste,
mousse texture was extremely excellent,
richness was just well,
and the bottom layer was even darker than the upper layer,
which i could say it was a truffle-like thick layer.

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Measure out a 40-gram serving of oats (1/3 cup).

Add a little over 1 1/2 cups liquid.

Microwave or cook on the stove, but stop before all the water is absorbed. (I microwave for 4 minutes, then leave in the closed microwave for 5 more minutes.)

Put in the fridge, uncovered. When you return a few hours later, the watery mess above will have magically turned into 2 cups-worth of pillowy, voluminous oats!

Now, I like my oatmeal like hot pudding!

I added 3T cocoa and 1T cinnamon, also 1T vanilla essence. Then I re-heat 2 minutes in microwave until it gets hot, no longer, and the volume will stay.

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1 of whole chicken soak mushroom 6
ginger onion leaves
sugar light soy sauce
pepper powder wine
sesame oil flour
Cooking Method:
1. wash clean the chicken,put it in the bowl,soak for 20 minutes,
2. slice the mushroom,cut the onion leaves,the sliced ginger put on top,
3. boil the water in the wok,after boiled put the chicken inside,steam for 20 mins

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today i dine out with mom in pret a manger…

we order hot pesto norwegian salmon grilled sandwich ( 466kcal ),
and my favorite product:
healthy hummus cold sandwich ( 177kcal )…

the grilled sandwich was too wet,
and the cheese was too heavy that covered all pesto flavor.
amount of salmon was good,
but too salty…
i asked the girl to heat up my cold sandwich together with the grilled sandwich,
but she very rudely said no,
and even when i explained to her that i couldn’t choose anything from the hot wraps and grilled sandwiches,
she ordered me to take a look once more…

i just want my hummus,
and want it warmer…

i think it will not be anything difficult for her to put together with the salmon sandwich and grill together,
and why she talked to me so rudely like she was an artist kind of person?

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workout: 45minutes walk with mom after a large apple with skin sprinkled with cinnamon

snack after walk: a very very large orange after three hours sleep
( energy charged so much! )

lunch with mother and her friend ( a very old woman with an ED daughter, who ORDERED her mom to buy her fresh whole wheat bread from far far away home bakery…so harsh! )

we chatted for the whole afternoon and the auntie said that i looked healthy, haha!!

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i’ve avoid sugar and chocolate for so long and today i decided to take a new try,

as i’ve found myself struggling again to ED.

after eating a pack of chestnut and large orange after dinner,

i ate a 76% chocolate,

but i found that i was really turning to not liking it,

instead of simply mental avoiding it,

that’s a good thing right?

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i yelled “good bye!!”to two people today, and chatted with crystal tsang in the train, helped hilton woo to check her dictation, and talked to tinnie chan for sharing about my english SBA work preparation.

workout: none, AGAIN. so busy with my school work…

food: no appetite at all, so i ate all things i like in a large proportion to ensure enough calories intake, but discovering my skin turned yellow because of the HUGE amount of fruits intake.

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