Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon

i love fats~!

wonderful chocolate

Bread and butter. It was not as good as what openrice has written, but they were also OK to try. Roasted corn soup with popcorn and grilled pork belly. The soup was actually crushed canned corn which I watched the whole process the cook made it. Roasted local cod with chorizo and English peas risotto. It is a type of pork sausage which was chopped into small regular cubes and then mixed into the creamy bean and rice. The rice didn’t have a very strong cheese flavor but the cream was much added. Summer vegetable gnocchi with baby tomato, fava bean and corn foam. I love the foam much more than that in peninsula hotel gaddi’s. The yellow cherry tomato tasted super sweet and the red ones were also good enough for you to try. The corn added a crunchy feeling into the cream sauce and the sliced cheese on top was thick and full of salty OLD taste, well done~! Coffee. Too strong, and the milk provided was not hot enough. The sugar was cute and it was so special that it was raw cane sugar cubes.

sad day

my mother told me to eat more, otherwise, not only i would not have the chance to continue my studies, also she would force me to the hospital…

i bought a bacon caramelized onion crossiant from the peninsula hotel gaddi’s for my dinner today, wonderful to have it for dinner~!

chickpea and quinoa

i’ve bought chickpea and quinoa to start my cooking challenge~!

cabbage smoothie


Place all the ingredients in your handy dandy blender, and then blend it baby! Blend!  ;)

Feel free to experiment with this recipe.  For example: Try putting in a whole orange instead of apple!  The possibilities are endless. For me,part of the joy I get in drinking green smoothies comes from experimenting with different ingredients!

stupid rainy day

i’ve taken my IELTS test today and it gave me LOTS of sleeping time after my sufficient sleep last night.

I sat on my seat for FIVE hours and then i went to the chinese doctor and slept for one hour again.

No workout at all, but no more soymilk too.

My doctor told me to.

Then we met auntie with mom to have dinner, I chose fried fish with mixed starchy veggie, soooooo tasty.

Happy wednesday friends~!

it’s what i’ve ate wednesday again, and here is my wonderful eats today~!

after an hour walk and some recovering yoga from esther in the net,

i had a best breakfast in the world:

strawberries raisin sunflower seeds oatmeal X 2~!!!

from katie’s method of voluminous oatmeal trick~!

then gala and a sleep followed by my preparation for mathematics examination.

i am slightly obsessed with gala nowadays,

as they really give me refreshing feeling in this super hot summer~!

lunch with organic carrot onion tomato salsa on vegetables and chickpeas with cinnamon,


i chat with brother for an hour about biology questions mentioned in my previous examination paper and it was nice~!

then mathematics again and a THREE hours sleep!!!

when i woke up, i bumped downstairs to walk with mom for an hour again and i sweated so greatly!!! it made me feel sooooooooooo good~!

muah! love you all~!

i really think that i am more and more in love with workouts and yoga,

new love to slight run too~!

it is so simple, be active and my back pain leaves me!!!

i love workout!

after the morning chestnut this morning,

the twelve extra large fresh strawberries from parknshop,

and then quickly followed by the fage greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon,

i slept for about three hours because the biology examination was too tiring for me.

when i woke up,

i immediately went downstairs and walk for an hour,

i sweat and it was refreshing~!

i felt my back pain gone after the stretching and now i really love exercising~!

so happy that i used more time to prepare my wonderful dinner,

including chickpeas, chinese dried mushrooms,

gourds cooked with pork bone soup, onion fried celery and chinese mok yee, and olive oil fried choy sum. wonderful and delicious~!